Adam Marcello (Katy Perry) Groove

Lately Ive been checking out some of todays top pop drummers, and today Id like to dig into Adam Marcello. Adam is the both the drummer and music director for superstar, Katy Perry. Ive been really inspired by his ability to maintain a deep pocket while creating so many smooth variations on these "simple" pop tunes.  Check out the video to get a taste of what Adam is about. 

After geeking out over this video about 200 times here are some observations: 

  • Loving the tasteful use of the electric and acoustic drums. 
  • Adam manages stays true to the original song but simultaneously takes the song to another level and makes it his own with some tasty grooves that are not on the original versions.
  • The pocket is always the focus. The 2 and 4 on snare is always slamming! 
  • Some serious Steve Gadd influence on Hot N Cold.
  • Really enjoy the creative feel change on Hot N Cold. I like it way better than the original.
  • Each fill is not only in time, but also builds momentum and doesn't step on any toes. 

Here is a transcription of Marcello's groove on Hot N Cold which about 1:45 in the video. Check it out and take it to the shed!